Professional Real Estate Photography – Is it Worth it?

Do you know that there is a job that specialises in real estate photography?
Well there is.
They can give you very good quality images and create promotion materials specially for builders, real estate agents, property owners, businesses and anybody who are into marketing houses, buildings and lands.

Can i just bring my own camera and take photos of my own land and property?
Of course you can do that.
But if it is your first time doing it, and want a professional appeal or want to stand out in front of the buyers. You should consider hiring people that have an extensive experience and have done this over and over again.

It is now the internet age. Majority of people are now searching online for houses and commercial properties. If the images that you took yourself is just average quality, then your listing or ad can just be another that will get looked over. The images of your listing should stand out.

Yes many will take their own photos, but not everybody can paint the Mona Lisa even if they are given a better painting tools than Michael Angelo. A Real Estate photographer uses specialised gadgets and applies different techniques in taking the images and lighting the subject of the photography. A seasoned photographer can make a big difference in making the images in your ad or listing stands out.

Survey tells us that perceived property value goes up to about 13% and will likely 3 times more chance of selling it with a professional quality image.

Yes so don’t disregard a Real Estate Photographer. Your property marketability will definitely increase and get sold faster.